Is possible to share a license?

Yes, Ares uses an online license server that allows multiple users to share a license.  Each computer that Ares is installed upon is considered “one user”.  Many options are available.  Multiple users can share one or more licenses.  Each user can have one dedicated license.  A person can have Ares installed on multiple computers, with all of those computers sharing one license, etc.
When you exit Ares, your license is released and others can make use of it.
If you’re traveling and won’t have an internet connection, it’s possible to “check out a license” for any number of days.  However, no one else will be able to use the license during this time until you run Ares with an internet connection, unselect a “keep license checked out” option and exit Ares, releasing the license.
A hardware based “USB dongle” license is also available.

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