SAATI-MAE114 Wind Generator

The SAATI-MAE114 is primarily designed for lab testing of microphone wind noise.

It measures approximately 1006 mm (39.6”) long by 604 mm (23.7”) wide and 570 mm (22.5”) tall and weighs approximately 55 kg (EU version, 230V) or 165 lbs (US version, 115V).

It generates a fast air flow that can be continuously varied from 7 to 45 km/h (5-30 MPH) through a digital control frequency drive. The digital drive allows for remote speed control operation from a RS232 connection and 100% repeatable wind speed settings that cannot be achieved with an analogue speed controller. The wind exits from a 180×187 mm (7”x7.4”) square port and forms a “jet” that stays together several feet from the exit.

One of the keys to wind noise testing is having a wind source that does not produce an acoustic noise that competes with the wind noise seen by the microphone. To accomplish this, it is critical for the wind noise flow to be as quite as possible. Home fans have strong tonal noise components associated with the blade-pass frequency and are not suitable for wind noise testing.

The SAATI-MAE114 uses a low noise blower combined with an optimized integrated silencer and full vibration control treatment on the interior to generate a high wind speed with as little acoustic noise as possible in a device of this size.